Porcelain Pavers

Available in 2 cm or 3cm thickness.

2 CM Porcelain Pavers are ideal for public & private outdoor flooring and stands out for its exceptional technical performance. They have high resistance to breaking loads, stress, frost and fire, a high non slip performance, they're easy to clean, install, remove and reposition, they have resistance to the weathering elements and thermal shock, resistance to salt and acids, they're reusable and offer perfect continuity between indoor and outdoor areas. They can be installed dry on gravel, sand or grass. You can also use traditional installation on screeds or raised installation on supports. They're best for walkways in gardens or on beaches, terraces and balconies, patios, courtyards, swimming pool edges, wellness centers and drive-over pathways. Comes in Multiple Colors and Sizes.

2 CM Options

Marble Look - 20" x 40"

Woodtime - 16" x 48" and 8" x 48"

Modular Pattern - Set Includes 1 pc @ 12" x 24", 1pc @ 24" x 24", 1 pc @ 18" x 18", 2 pcs @ 18" x 36"

Travertine Look - 24" x 24"

Cement Look - 32" x 32"