Porcelain Pavers

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Porcelain Pavers are made to be used for patios, courtyards, swimming pool areas, wellness centers, terraces, balconies, walkways in gardens and so much more. They can be used in private or public areas and offer the perfect continuity between indoor and outdoor areas.

They can be installed dry on gravel, grass or sand; raised on supports; or traditional installation on screeds. They are lightweight which makes them easy to install and re-position.

Porcelain Pavers are easy to clean, reusable and have low water absorption. They have high non-slip performance, high breaking strength and high resistance to staining, chemicals, frost, snow, ice and heat.

Why choose porcelain pavers? They offer higher stain, scratch and chemical resistance than stone, brick or concrete. Porcelain pavers also weigh less and absorb less water than the alternatives. There is also no sealing needed!

We offer 4 different types of Porcelain Pavers. All of them are available in 2CM Thickness. Only the Elegance Pavers are available in 3CM.
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Kronos Pavers

Bluestone look