Adhesives, Cleaners, Etc.

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Epoxy - Polyester Adhesive
- Transparent Knifegrade (sold by quart): perfect for rebuilding broken corners, installing finished pieces, bonding or laminating. . It is best suited for interior applications, general repair and bonding of vertical pieces. Translucent but accepts polyester coloring to match stone colors and hide bond lines.

- Transparent Flowing - (Sold by the quart): It may be used to fill large cracks or holes and to provide protective coatings. It is best suited for Exterior Cast Stone, Exterior Natural Stone, Interior Cast Stone, Interior Natural Stone,general repair and bonding of horizontal pieces . Adding quartz sand in ratio of 1:3 to 1:4 produces artificial resin mortar. Additionally, this product can be colored to match any stone using coloring pastes designed for polyester adhesives For the best results mix the product to a shade slightly darker than the actual stone color.

Coloring Paste - 2 oz bottle or 1 oz tube: Used To tint adhesive to get a true color match

Miles stain lifter can: Otherwise known as "dry white powder", this multipurpose aerosol stone cleaner is specially formulated for stone for removing a wide variety of light oil, grease and sap stains from granite, marble & other similar surfaces. Spray on stone (it will turn to powder), place plastic wrap over it and let sit for 24 hours. Brush off and repeat until stain is gone. It is Recommended that you seal afterwards.

113M 3-in-1 stone countertop cleaner 16oz can: Ready to use spray cleaner for all stone & ceramic kitchen tops. Cleans, polishes, protects, clean, fresh smell, provides elegant gloss, also for polished metals. Dries Streak & Residue Free, No Build-Up on Surfaces, Non-Flammable, Biodegradable.

Stone Glamour - Quart : penetrating and topical sealer for all types of non-glazed tiles, stone, brick, concrete and many other surfaces. Seals & Prevents staining . Surfaces must be clean and dry and free from detergent and wax residues. Rinse completely before sealing, outside temperature should be above 50 degrees. Apply on stole with lambs wool type applicator, brush, paint or foam rubber brush. Two coats are recommended with a complete dry between coats.

214M Daily conditioner /Cleaner : No-rinse conditioner/cleaner for daily use on all stone. 100% natural, pH neutral conditioning cleaner that is safe for all stone and ceramic surfaces. Daily damp mopping will maintain the stone's natural patina. Regular use helps to create a slip retardant, scuff resistant, buffable and dust repellent surface, while remaining completely undetectable on the surface.
Coverage Area: 8,000 to 12,000 sq. feet per liter.

314P Premium Impregnator/ sealer - quart: The highest quality stain protection available, 314P Premium Impregnator is a silicone impregnator suitable for use on all natural stones regardless of finish type. Use for both interior and exterior applications for maximum protection from oil and water borne stains.allows the stone to breathe naturally, cures quickly and offers a totally natural appearance. UV resistant.
Coverage Area: 100 to 300 sq. feet per quart depending on porosity of stone.

353P Porous Stone Impregnator / sealer Quart: offers maximum protection from water borne stains for porous stone. It is a silicone impregnator specifically formulated for honed, textured and other porous stone. (Not recommended for polished granite) and is also excellent for masonry surfaces, unglazed clay tiles and grout. Used for interior and exterior applications. Allows the stone to breathe naturally, cures quickly and offers a totally natural appearance. Covers 50 - 150 sq ft per liter depending on porosity of the stone

355E Color Enhancer Quart: color enhancing silicone impregnator intended for use on honed and textured stone only. Offers a high degree of protection that enhances the natural appearance of the stone without gloss and protects it from water based stains and mineral deposits. Use in all interior and most exterior applications where color enhancement is desired. UV resistant and allows the stone to breathe naturally. Covers 75 - 150 SF per quart depending on porosity of stone.

515C Periodic Intensive Cleaner Quart: Acid free deep cleaning for all natural stone. extra strength degreaser, cleaner and grout film remover that is suitable for all natural stones including Polished Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Terrazzo, Agglomerate and Ceramic tiles. can be used as a periodic deep cleaner where heavy soiling is present, for construction job site clean up, or for removal of grout residues and soap scum deposits. Acid Free, Smells clean and fresh, Rinses well, Concentrated Formula
Coverage Area: 100 to 600 sq. feet per liter.

Italian Craftsman Polish: specifically formulated to clean, shine and protect granite, marble, polished stones, wood, Formica and metal. Cleans, polishes and protects. Great for maintaining and preserving countertops and vanities. Renews polished surface, Contains no wax, Helps to protect against rings and stains